Customer Stories

How our customers created impact for their games

The Making of Legends in Pax Dei's Expansive Sandbox World

“It was really important for us to find a great team that could accompany us from pre-production through launch. Solsten is that partner.”

Creating a virtual touchdown in the metaverse.

“Mythical leverages Solsten to tap NFL fans in a fresh and compelling way.”

The best way to integrate IP: start at the beginning.

“Navigator was instrumental in Monopoly Solitaire’s success. The game exceeded expectations and we experienced dramatic velocity improvements.”

Deep insights, soaring retention.

“Solsten allowed us to make a game that feels familiar but also stands out in the market—something that’s very difficult to achieve.”

Reducing CPI using creative optimization

“Mythical leverages motivation based creative”

From course correction to home run.

“Crew Events have proven to be one of the most popular things we’ve added to the game. Over 80% of users engage with this mechanic.”

Putting audience first to the test for a new game

“Thanks to Solsten, we’re not only cutting development cost—we’re even more importantly getting very close to players. ”

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Validate Your Next Game

Blend your early idea with market data that forecasts the revenue potential of vision and the opportunities that exist for your potential players.

Marketing Creative Optimization

Optimize your creative production with psychological precision to develop high performing ad campaigns despite targeting challenges.

Maximize Your Longtail

Continue crafting features that expand an incredible player experience to maximize the longtail of your game as you decide what to build next.