The challenge

The concept has to be just right to stand out in a crowded field. Mobilityware knew they’d need to determine if their game was a Monopoly game with elements of Solitaire or a Solitaire game with elements of Monopoly. There was a huge opportunity in leveraging this famed IP, but there were threats if they didn’t nail the concept in an already-crowded casual game genre.

Mobilityware has deep experience in developing successful card games and Hasbro’s Monopoly is one of the most iconic board games of all time. Mobilityware came to Solsten asking, “Should this be a Monopoly game with Solitaire elements or a Solitaire game with Monopoly elements?

They recognized the opportunity of leveraging the famous IP but also saw the threats within the crowded casual genre.

The solution

Partnering with Solsten to understand their prospective players. Mobilityware sought Solsten’s help to drill down to understand Solitaire and Monopoly’s players and deduce exactly which overlaps and opportunities awaited. That way, before they wrote a single line of code, they’d understand the players’ similarities and differences—and design accordingly. Solsten’s Navigator platform provided the biopsychosocial insights Mobilityware needed, including player motives, interests, and needs, as well as potential market opportunities.

The result

Drastically lower CPI and substantially greater retention. Upon launch, CPIs for Monopoly Solitaire were 70-80% lower than the rest of the Solitaire space. And 10 months after launch, the CPIs remain 20-25% lower than the rest of the genre.

The game was an instant success. Mobilityware saw greater than 60% D3 retention and still has incredible early and mid-term retention figures despite scaling globally into adjacent markets.