The challenge

Mythical Games came to Solsten early in their development process to refine an ambitious new game concept leveraging their valuable NFL license.

As the first NFL license holder in the emerging realm of blockchain games, Mythical wanted to break away from expectations set by decades of Madden realism, and identify an audience, art style, and gameplay/collectibility mechanic that tapped into fandom in a fresh and compelling way.

Mythical charted an innovative course for NFL Rivals, featuring a unique art style evoking nostalgia more than realism, new turf for contemporary NFL fandom.

The solution

To help optimize their endeavor, Solsten deployed Navigator audiences focused on the intersection of NFL fans and “collectibles” fans to empower Mythical with a clear high LTV player persona to inform game development and marketing approach.

A series of research studies and playtests with this persona helped them fine tune the overall concept of NFL Rivals, and the FTUE prior to launch.

The result for Rivals

Identifying high LTV audiences among players with affinity with the NFL, and validating the ambitious concept with them helped NFL Rivals debut at #1 in Google & Apple stores and the game ranked in the top 5 titles in the weeks after launch.

Solsten and Mythical are keen to leverage Solsten’s Traits assessment to deeply understand the NFL Rivals’ live audience and continuously provide a more engaging experience to them.