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Ignite exponential growth with enterprise-level consumer insights. Solsten is the only platform that measures the psychology of gamers at scale. Unite your studio around advanced personas and actionable insights in a single dashboard.

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The power of player intelligence.

Grow what you’ve built.

When you understand your audience on a psychological level, all the pieces fall into place, and all teams unite around a mission to create and deliver highly resonant experiences.
Meet Solsten
Meet Solsten


Data-Driven Gameplay Refinement

Gain a competitive edge with expert reviews, usability testing, and competitor tracking. Harness actionable feedback to fine-tune gameplay mechanics, improve usability, and stand above the rest.

Uncover the Unseen

Uncover attitudes, preferences, and engagement patterns to optimize your gaming experience even further with our suite of interactive research methods.

From User Feedback to Success

Bridge the gap between your vision and player expectations with our in-depth insights from usability testing and experiential playtests. Turn player feedback into the key to your game's success.

Optimize creative production

Know exactly how likely your creative ideas and features are to resonate with your target audience — down to specific assets.

Improve player engagement

Drive player engagement and satisfaction by tapping into your audience’s psychological wants and needs. Fine-tune your game design to beat expectations and keep players captivated.

Validate art styles

Gain persona-tailored metrics and qualitative insights on art style engagement, game concept resonance with art styles, and resonance of characters and backgrounds together.

Go beyond tracking and targeting

In a post-ATT world, create conversion-worthy ads that you know will resonate with your highest LTV audiences.

Industry-native social listening

Gamers communicate in their own language, on their own platforms. Where other tools get confused, ours shines.

Personalize offers

Unlock unparalleled personalization capabilities with Solsten's API by seamlessly integrating psychological traits and behavioral data.

Prioritize your players.

Solutions for every stage of your roadmap.

Unlock potential.

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While other AI allows you to generate things, Solsten’s AI allows you to make the things you create resonate with your audience.

The best way to integrate IP: start at the beginning.

“Navigator was instrumental in Monopoly Solitaire’s success. The game exceeded expectations and we experienced dramatic velocity improvements.”

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Understand Dynamic Transformation in the Gaming Industry

Companies are realizing the only way to attain sustainable, long-term growth and loyalty is delivering a higher quality experience to audiences.

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Solsten named to Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023

Solsten is proud to be the first company measuring human psychology at scale.