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The power of player intelligence.

Supercharge your entire studio.

Join the thriving community of audience-first studios putting player intelligence at the heart of their game’s development from day one. With Solsten, you can unite your studio around the creation of an experience that you know your intended audience will love.
Meet Solsten
Meet Solsten


Psychological player profiles

Unlock a world of cognitive data to gain a crystal-clear, actionable view of your players' values, motivations, and beyond.

Custom audience segmentation

Slice, compare, and evaluate every possible segment of your audience — from competitive style to KPIs.

Test Beyond Concepts

Gain insights into player preferences and sentiments on art style, assets, game loops, and beyond.

Game concept validation

Know the market potential, audience size, and LTV for your game concept before ever writing a single line of code.

Competitive benchmarking

Discover your competitive edge by comparing your concept against the market leaders and gaining specific insights to get a leg up.

Design with psychological precision

Craft game features, immersive content, and dynamic events that you know will appeal to your most valuable audience's unique psychological traits.

Increase retention and monetization

Identify the precise psychological traits and user experience elements that will have the greatest impact on improving your high-priority KPIs.

Optimize budgets

When you know the creative that will resonate with your target audience in advance, you can lower CPIs, increase ROI, and say goodbye to endless marketability testing.

Track sentiment

With industry-optimized social listening, you can sort through player feedback and pay attention to the voices that matter.

Prioritize your players.

Solutions for every stage of your roadmap.

Unlock potential.

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Mining actionable player insights without in-house researchers.

“Solsten is the key tool to make the creative and design process for video games more like chemistry. More of a science and less guesswork.”

The best way to integrate IP: start at the beginning.

“Navigator was instrumental in Monopoly Solitaire’s success. The game exceeded expectations and we experienced dramatic velocity improvements.”

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