The challenge

Removing assumptions in the design process to build a game that is both creatively fulfilling and lucrative.

In the world of game design, creativity and ambiguity are the norm. Design teams with their right-brained flair spar with the analytical minds of development teams in endless sessions, united in their pursuit of crafting games that ignite their passions and generate sustainable revenue.

Dead Monkey Studios was working on a prototype called ‘Aurora 7’ which is a top-down tactical shooter with squad management and permadeath focusing on real-time action and strategy. They had a reached a defining moment in their design process, one that would impact their budget and publishing options. Should ‘Aurora 7’ be a co-op multiplayer or not?

The solve

Dead Monkey turned to Navigator to better understand their audience interested in tactical and top-down shooters. The insights from Solsten’s platform informed the team that co-op was important to their most valuable players, and empowered them to identify which multiplayer features to focus on. The studio was able to quickly streamline efforts and costs for the design and development teams.

The result

The path to success involves more science and less guesswork.

Dead Monkey Studios’s bypassed traditional research tools, opting for a solution that moved at startup speed.

The result was a massive increase in development velocity while ensuring product market fit.

The Navigator insights have been used to educate new employees, secure opportunities with publishers, and support the marketing team as the game approaches launch.