Healthcare’s a human need. So make it human-friendly.

The power of audience understanding can revitalize the healthcare industry—informing preventative care, upping patient retention, and driving better outcomes.

Center health on humanity.

Take a patient-centric approach to personalized healthcare recommendations, treatment plans, and more.

Improve preventative care

Use our insights to identify patients who are at high risk for certain conditions and provide them with targeted interventions.

Increase patient retention

Thanks to personalized and compassionate care experiences tailored to your patients’ intrinsic values, motives, and preferences, retention will skyrocket.

Drive better outcomes

Be a shining beacon with more effective preventative care, better treatment recommendations, heightened retention, and boosted patient adherence.

We think deeper so you know deeper.

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Solsten named to Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023

Solsten is proud to be the first company measuring human psychology at scale.

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Understand Dynamic Transformation in the Gaming Industry

Companies are realizing the only way to attain sustainable, long-term growth and loyalty is delivering a higher quality experience to audiences.

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Barbie Went IP Shopping, But Was She in the Right Mall?

Were Barbie's video game collaborations misfires? Or were they right on target.

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