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Learn all you need to know for mission-critical development decisions.

Maximize engagement for your game

Discover pivotal insights tailored to your target audience, shedding light on distinct differences and offering immediate, actionable intelligence.

Identify your most impactful features

Gain a strategic advantage with an all-encompassing analysis of key performance metrics, guiding you to prioritize features effectively in alignment with player needs.

Build conviction to drive traction

Ensure that your next step is the right one through unprecedented transparency into the psychology of your target audience tied to robust research methodologies.


Understand the right metrics for your project

Elevate your user experience with our persona-based UX Metric Ratings, offering deep insights for each concept to drive data-driven enhancements.

Predict LTV through resonance of features and gameplay

Discover how an audience is attracted by a game or aspects of it. Quantify players’ metrics with the help of deeply insightful additional surveys.

Test and validate multiple concepts

Hear players’ thoughts and preferences regarding assets or moodboards. Discover player rankings and sentiment on art style, assets, or game loops.

Measure usability and user experience of your prototype

Observe player interactions with a wireframe or prototype of an experience, including your FTUE. Measure usability hurdles and improve on the resonance of your gameplay.

Our services for every step of your journey

Tailored research methodologies powered by psychological audience insights

Resonance Testing

Significantly de-risk your next project by testing and validating product-market-fit in 4 weeks through resonance testing

Competitor Analysis

Benchmark against your competitors and find your winning strategy.

Expert Review

Work with our expert team to analyze the game's design, often focused on a specific aspect, using game design heuristics and good practices.

Usability Playtesting

Boost CRR and FTUE by identifying and remedying churn triggers via Usability Playtesting.

Experiential Playtesting

Understand your game's overall impact on players (emotions, engagement, enjoyment) and identify improvements to enhance their experience.

Player Experience & Preferences Surveys

Gather quantitative insights into players’ perception of a game or specific aspects of a game, i.e. Why did a player stop playing?

Longitudinal Study/Diary

Secure enduring engagement and consistent revenue in live games through strategic longitudinal playtesting.


Drive player engagement and retention through impactful analytics setup tailored to your game.

Mainframe Industries x Solsten

Partnering on a next-gen MMO

Mainframe Industries leveraged Solsten’s on-demand player insights and games user research team to increase development velocity and de-risk their ambitious vision for Pax Dei.
Mainframe Industries x Solsten
Mainframe Industries x Solsten

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