Easily understand every player.

Accelerate speed to market, reduce acquisition costs, increase long-term retention, and launch games that become legendary — all with the most powerful player insight data in the world.

Beyond demographics. Beyond behavior. Beyond archetypes.

Experience the game-changing power of quantitative human insights.

Validate your concepts

Don’t wait until soft launch to see if there’s a market for your game. Find detailed market potential and LTV data with even a loose concept, in a matter of days. Your VCs and CFOs will thank you.

Build the right features

Will your players like what you’re creating? You can go on intuition, or you can fine-tune every detail by tapping into the wants, needs, values, and motivational data that drives your actual players.

Retain your players

From D1 to D180, Solsten’s AI-powered player personas make it easy to enhance engagement, concept features, and optimize the player journey, turning your game into an experience players never want to leave.

Success stories

How our customers created impact for their games

  • "Solsten insights help Supercell refine their in-game events, increasing engagement across their entire player base."

    22% increase in daily sessions 18% increase in session length
  • "Solsten allowed us to make a game that feels familiar but also stands out in the market—something that’s very difficult to achieve."

    Sophie Vo Studio and Game Lead
  • "Thanks to Solsten, we’re not only cutting development cost—we’re even more importantly getting very close to players. "

    Marcin Chelkowski Head of Studio
  • "Navigator was instrumental in Monopoly Solitaire’s success. The game exceeded expectations and we experienced dramatic velocity improvements."

    Zach Pond VP of Marketing and UA
  • "Mythical leverages Solsten to tap NFL fans in a fresh and compelling way."

    NFL Rivals debuts at #1 in Apple and Android stores
  • "Crew Events have proven to be one of the most popular things we’ve added to the game. Over 80% of users engage with this mechanic."

    Deniz Heizmann Game Manager
  • "Solsten is the key tool to make the creative and design process for video games more like chemistry. More of a science and less guesswork."

    Oliver Perez CEO

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Solsten named to Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023

Solsten is proud to be the first company measuring human psychology at scale.

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