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Delivers audience understanding at a
deeper level than you knew possible.
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Deeper understanding

Get more advanced insights than mere demographics or audience behaviors could ever show you. Now you can understand your entire player base on a psychosocial level.

Traits provides insights about your audience, based on hundreds of psychological traits.

Get a look at your audience's psychology

Truly understand your audience based on actual psychology insights rather than mere behavioral data.

Work off science-backed personas

Identify psychological groupings of your users, based on their unique personality factors.

Adapt experiences just for them

Get actionable recommendations to enrich your users’ experience—and boost your metrics accordingly.


Build loyalty and engagement

Improve retention by drilling down to specific audience segments, understanding them better, and putting those insights to use to build better relationships with the right customers.

Increase revenue

Know exactly what features, creative, mechanics, art styles, and more your audience will resonate with and come back to. Now, you don’t need to throw noodles at the wall to learn what ideas will work.

Boost your return on ad spend

When you understand who your high-value users are, you can target them much more accurately. Start a step ahead of the usual AB testing, then double down on what’s performing well.

Accelerate product development

Use your audience insights as know-ahead facts that inform every stage of your experience, from design to dev to testing and ongoing refinement.

How it works

Learn who your audience really is. Then make what they really want.

We start with psychometrics

Our psychometric assessment is easily launched as an interstitial inside your digital experience to capture your players’ psychology in minutes.

Our A.I. goes to work

Now you know your players all the way down to their values, motivations, communication styles, and more—and you can group similar cohorts to target.

You create with more confidence

Make good use of our actionable insights to improve experiences, sense-check feature ideas, brainstorm new ones, and validate hypotheses before launch.

Meet Traits
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Meet Traits

Customer stories

Companies succeeding with Solsten.

  • "Solsten insights help Supercell refine their in-game events, increasing engagement across their entire player base."

    22% increase in daily sessions 18% increase in session length
  • "Mythical leverages Solsten to tap NFL fans in a fresh and compelling way."

    NFL Rivals debuts at #1 in Apple and Android stores
  • "Navigator was instrumental in Monopoly Solitaire’s success. The game exceeded expectations and we experienced dramatic velocity improvements."

    Zach Pond VP of Marketing and UA
  • "Solsten allowed us to make a game that feels familiar but also stands out in the market—something that’s very difficult to achieve."

    Sophie Vo Studio and Game Lead
  • "Crew Events have proven to be one of the most popular things we’ve added to the game. Over 80% of users engage with this mechanic."

    Deniz Heizmann Game Manager
  • "Thanks to Solsten, we’re not only cutting development cost—we’re even more importantly getting very close to players. "

    Marcin Chelkowski Head of Studio

Return on Insights is the new ROI.

Learn everything you wish you knew.

Solsten Navigator

While Traits tells you about your current audiences, Navigator unlocks future and prospective audiences for upcoming products. It’s your science-fueled crystal ball to develop better experiences without wasting time or budget on what doesn’t work.