The challenge

A decade after the iconic Hay Day was released, Supercell came to Solsten with their desire to breathe new life into their 15M player community.

Specifically, they wanted to identify the event opportunities that would best attract, engage and retain high LTV players.

The solution

We launched our psychological assessment Traits in Hay Day to measure and profile the live player base to identify the game’s most valuable personas.

Within a couple of days, over 35K validated players completed the assessment and the Supercell product team zeroed in on a few critical psychological traits their most valuable personas exhibited.

Players’ preferences for mechanics and features based on these traits painted a vivid picture for the team to refine an in-game event schedule, and helped put an end to an unproductive impasse on the Hay Day production team.

The result

In just 2 months from project inception with Solsten to custom results, the Hay Day team was able to use these insights to increase two critical engagement KPIs across their player base: 22% increase in average daily number of sessions and 18% increase in avg. daily playtime.