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On-demand consumer insights to understand any audience. Yes, really.

Welcome to the era of cognitive measurement. No other human insights platform brings together the forces of AI and psychometric assessment to give you immediate access to your audience's pulse, brain waves, and everything in between. It's like having a real-time superpower.

Superhuman insights.

Illuminate the present, forge the future.

Toss your expensive studies in the paper shredder and adopt a real-time platform with gaming at its core, and insights that don’t exist anywhere else.
Meet Solsten
Meet Solsten


Unbiased insights

Solsten complements your research efforts with a real-time, psychological pulse of your players.

Scientifically derived personas

Scientific methodology melds with human understanding to create detail-rich, human-centric personas.

Hundreds of factors measured

From values to competitive style to communication preferences, Solsten provides the actionable, human-centric player data you can’t find anywhere else.

Optimize creative production

Know exactly how likely your creative ideas and features are to resonate with your target audience — down to specific assets.

Improve player engagement

Drive player engagement and satisfaction by tapping into your audience’s psychological wants and needs. Fine-tune your game design to beat expectations and keep players captivated.

Validate art styles

Gain persona-tailored metrics and qualitative insights on art style engagement, game concept resonance with art styles, and resonance of characters and backgrounds together.

Go beyond tracking and targeting

In a post-ATT world, create conversion-worthy ads that you know will resonate with your highest LTV audiences.

Industry-native social listening

Gamers communicate in their own language, on their own platforms. Where other tools get confused, ours shines.

Personalize offers

Unlock unparalleled personalization capabilities with Solsten's API by seamlessly integrating psychological traits and behavioral data.

Prioritize your players.

Solutions for every stage of your roadmap.

Unlock potential.

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