The challenge

In an era where user data regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, companies are facing soaring acquisition costs. The sensitivity surrounding data privacy is reshaping user acquisition dynamics, rendering old strategies inefficient and expensive. The gaming industry, in particular, is grappling with this challenge, compounded by fierce competition and macroeconomic pressures.

Enter Mythical Games, embarking on an exciting journey with their game, NFL Rivals. Leveraging Navigator’s insights into the fusion of web3, NFL, and sports simulation enthusiasts, they launched NFL Rivals to top rankings in both Google and Apple stores. As they work to scale the player base, their team pivoted to a novel approach: motivation-based creative strategy.

The solution

This innovative method tackles the inefficiencies of traditional data use by integrating behavioral science into the creative process. Mythical Games dove into the key motivational drivers of their most valuable players, crafting a campaign centered around these insights.

The result for Rivals

The impact was significant. By developing an advertisement that emphasized top motivations of high value players and showcased progression-driven gameplay, they achieved a remarkable 50% decrease in CPI during an A/B test. The actual ad can be viewed below.