40% of marketing teams in gaming will increase ad spend in 2024. Beyond gaming, advertising spend is also forecasted to increase. What does this mean? Simply put, competition for consumer attention is only increasing.

The traditional creative approach of relying on demographic data like age, location, and general interest categories leads to the generation of ads with speculative performance. Regardless of the metrics, game teams are left in the dark as to “why” the ad performed the way it did.

In 2024, leading studios like Zynga, Wooga, Tilting Point, and more are taking action against limited consumer data and challenging attribution by integrating deep psychological insights into their creative development and optimization process. Solsten is the world’s most expansive and actionable consumer insights and resonance platform, representing 3.4B people globally. With Solsten, marketing teams can link psychological traits to campaign performance, finally revealing the “why” behind ad metrics so you can replicate successes and improve under performers. In this article we will explore the exact steps being taken by leading studios to reduce CPIs and boost ROAS, and three templates to help any marketing team transform every campaign into a gateway for deeper player engagement and retention.

1. Develop New Creative That Resonates from the Start

Forget the surface-level data. With Solsten, dive into the psychographic profiles of your target audience. What drives their behaviors? What values do they hold dear? By leveraging these insights, you create a foundation for ad creatives that are not just seen but felt. This deep connection ensures that your creatives are primed for high performance, significantly increasing the likelihood of resonating with the audience right from the outset.


2. Improve Underperforming Creative

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the whole creative but specific elements within it. Solsten empowers you to understand the psychological makeup of your players deeply. This understanding allows you to pinpoint exactly why certain creatives don’t perform well. Is the on-screen text off-putting? Does a particular gameplay clip not align with your audience’s preferences? Make informed adjustments based on solid psychological data, transforming underperforming ads into successful campaigns.

3. Replicate the Success of Top-Performing Creative

One of Solsten’s most powerful features is its ability to decode the success of your best-performing ads. By analyzing the psychographic data that correlates with high engagement and conversion rates, you can understand not just that an ad is successful, but why it is successful. This insight allows you to replicate these elements in future campaigns, effectively doubling down on what works, reducing guesswork, and continuously improving your advertising strategy.

The future of gaming advertising is precise, predictable, and psychologically informed. Let Solsten provide the insights while you apply your creativity—it’s an unbeatable combination. The first step in creating more resonant and effective game advertising is to connect with us. Our team of psychology and creative experts are ready to partner with you to uncover actionable insights about your audience.

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