Maximize value from existing users

Build with intention, not guesswork.

Take the uncertainty out of product optimization with actionable insights that can immediately improve your most important KPIs and user experience metrics.

Stop guessing, start knowing.

When you know exactly who your users are, you can act decisively to improve their experience.

Deeper Customer Revelations

Gain a deep understanding of your customer base through scientifically derived personas, plus comprehensive demographic and interest insights.

Identity-Behavior Synthesis

Uncover the connection between who your customers are and how they behave in your product.

Seamless Persona Comparison

Effortlessly compare customer personas or segments side-by-side based on a huge range of diverse factors.

Success stories

How our customers created impact for their games

  • "Solsten allowed us to make a game that feels familiar but also stands out in the market—something that’s very difficult to achieve."

    Sophie Vo Studio and Game Lead
  • "Crew Events have proven to be one of the most popular things we’ve added to the game. Over 80% of users engage with this mechanic."

    Deniz Heizmann Game Manager
  • "Thanks to Solsten, we’re not only cutting development cost—we’re even more importantly getting very close to players. "

    Marcin Chelkowski Head of Studio

We think deeper so you know deeper.

Resources for you.

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Unleash Creativity With Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

While other AI allows you to generate things, Solsten’s AI allows you to make the things you create resonate with your audience.

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