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Coming soon. An ace in the sleeve for creative optimization.
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Build creative inspired by your users and reach the most responsive audiences.

Build highly resonant new creative

Fueled by our database of deep psychological insights about your audiences, you’re empowered to create more impactful work than ever.

Track your assets’ performance

Get a resonance score mapping how well each creative asset connects with its intended audience.

AI-tag and sort your entire asset library

Not only will you know what’s working and why—you’ll also be able to find it. AI-powered tagging makes it easy to track, find, repurpose, and retool.


Get a head start on iterating

Make your tinkering much more targeted. Refine and iterate before you ever go to market, making sure your work will perform right out of the gate.

Develop higher performing campaigns

With less guesswork, you can do more good work. Knowing each piece’s resonance score and how it’s performing, you’ll gain fresh ideas to tweak and optimize.

Pull all your creative into one place

Frequency pulls all your creative assets together from everywhere your company stores them, creating one central repository that’s both searchable and scorable.

Identify resonating creative by audience

Explore what lands with different segments of your audience, putting Solsten’s human insights engine to work to understand what will resonate with who, and why.

Create, measure, optimize, repeat.

It’s strategy meets wizardry. Put the full power of your creative potential to work.

Evaluate any creative

Our AI-powered engine draws from our vast repository of audience insights to evaluate your creative against player profiles.

Learn what’s working

Get a resonance score for how creative will perform among your high-value players (and prospective audiences). 

Make more impactful work.

Develop better creative, stronger marketing campaigns, and more engaging in-game content. No wasted effort—just results.

Customer stories

Companies putting Solsten to work.

  • "Navigator was instrumental in Monopoly Solitaire’s success. The game exceeded expectations and we experienced dramatic velocity improvements."

    Zach Pond VP of Marketing and UA
  • "Solsten insights help Supercell refine their in-game events, increasing engagement across their entire player base."

    22% increase in daily sessions 18% increase in session length
  • "Mythical leverages Solsten to tap NFL fans in a fresh and compelling way."

    NFL Rivals debuts at #1 in Apple and Android stores
  • "Crew Events have proven to be one of the most popular things we’ve added to the game. Over 80% of users engage with this mechanic."

    Deniz Heizmann Game Manager
  • "Solsten is the key tool to make the creative and design process for video games more like chemistry. More of a science and less guesswork."

    Oliver Perez CEO
  • "Solsten allowed us to make a game that feels familiar but also stands out in the market—something that’s very difficult to achieve."

    Sophie Vo Studio and Game Lead

Frequency is coming soon.

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Deeply understand your existing audience's psychology and behavior. You’ll receive recommended actions to improve and enrich their experience—and your metrics.